Middlebury College's Solar Decathlon House
Project Duration: 2009 - 2011

Contributions: I was one of three lead designers during the schematic stage of the project, and our design was the one selected for the competition. I was also the Revit lead, a rendering consultant, and a builder.

Project: The Solar Decathlon is an international building competition hosted by the Department of Energy in Washington D.C. Every two years, twenty student teams compete to build an affordable net-zero energy home powered solely by the sun. Middlebury College was selected to compete in the 2011 competition.

House: Self-Reliance is powered entirely by the sun. We used energy efficient construction techniques and built with locally sourced materials, including wood from our own Middlebury forests in Vermont. The design was inspired by the Vermont farmhouse and barn. Our home incorporates modern elements into a traditional gabled form. A primary feature indoors is the growing wall. With abundant southern light it can grow produce year-round.

Team: Our team was the only under-graduate, liberal arts school to compete, and we placed fourth in the overall competition. This included first in market appeal, communications, and home entertainment.

Construction Docs: I spent most of my time making CDs in Revit for the final submittal. I made about half of the 90 sheets, and over the course of the project many teammates contributed to the model.

MEP/Structure: We hired a structural engineer to complete the Revit Structure file. We also had several team members generate an MEP file that was ultimately integrated into the master file.

Renderings I learned Revit and 3ds Max for this project and began to generate renderings as we worked towards deadlines. Since this was a two- year project, I created 15 final renderings for various pamphlets and submittals.

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